Depression is Negative Energy

Depression comes from your fearful thoughts.  Fearful thoughts create illness because it’s negative energy that gets trapped into your body.

Sometimes depression can come from other people’s energy.  For instance it is important to be in touch with your feelings at all times.  If you are feeling great but have a thought of another person who happens to be feeling down and depressed, you could pick up their negative energy.

If either is the case, you can spiritually heal yourself just by changing your thoughts.  Whatever the case, keep yourself from going down the road of feeling sorry for yourself.  That happens because you are still not aware of what  life really is.  Say some positive affirmations: I love myself, I am happy all the time, life is beautiful and I love being on earth.  Continue to say positive statements to yourself to get out from under the dark negative energy. If you wake up every morning and only think of love, you will feel the powerful love energy that is available filling your body like never before.

You can quickly change your depression just by changing your thoughts.

No matter how hard this may seem it is imperative to do this.  Negative energy can spread throughout your body so quickly and bring you to a very deep detrimental level of self pity.  This also creates your mind to walk down the path of sorrow and dredge up past mistakes or misfortunes.

Feel the pain, cry if you have to and release it.  A spiritual healing will take place.  To stay on the road of love and joy is just a simple thought change.  Believe that what you are thinking creates your life then all you have to do is create a better one.  Spend time visualizing what you want and know that you will have it at the right time.

The best motivation is self motivation.

Our strength grows out of our weakness…Ralph Waldo Emerson

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