How To Begin The New Year


To begin the New Year there is only one thing required of you…realize that your perception is your reality.  It is not necessary to worry about others or what they do.  To change your world, change your thoughts and ideas.

This is the most significant hurdle to cross over…your illusions of what is and what it could be.  We all have been victims of an illusion.  How life should be or has been was created by someone else.  Now it is time to find your own truth of existence.  Go to your inner core and breath in the essence of self.  Follow your “self” and ask no other.

Time is an illusion as it only exists in your mind.  We actually exist in a timeless existence and we are the ones making time.  If you realize that you are the creator of time it will give you a different approach to life.

We all experience different cycles and never get down on yourself about your choices.  Realize that it’s possible new fears will abound in January but it’s up to you to understand you have choices to either be entrapped in a hall of mirrors or know that you can create a different reality for yourself.

Start off the new year with different strategies to create your new reality.  Don’t worry about others because in order to change the world you start by changing yourself.  Every thought counts so create your own positive thoughts and what you want for yourself.  This will start your year on the road of a major spiritual healing.

Dream big and start anew as if you were just born.  Forget all your old programs and realize that you are the creator of your own life.

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