Twinkling Stars Will Spiritually Heal You

spiritual-healers-ConceptUniverse-1 Star
spiritual-healers-ConceptUniverse-1 Star

Stars light up tonight

Show us a new flight

Of Independence and glee

Happiness Abounds and it’s free

Open your wings, wake up it’s real

Everything you want is on a wheel

Visualize, see it pick it out

Go and make it come about

Only you have the power to do it so

Get off your duff stop being lazy, do it, feel your heart glow

Sprinkle magic dust, love, and beauty

Visualize your life, create it’s your duty

Get ready, start, don’t hesitate

Take advantage the POWER is now, don’t be late

Get motivated, stop being lazy

Otherwise your life becomes hazy

Turn off the TV and fearful movies

Real life is around you twinkling stars

It’s groovy

They entertain you, make you think

Bring you messages as quick as a blink

Spend more time in reflection

Open your mind, there won’t be rejection

Change your bad habits, your fearful thoughts

The beauty of life is so close just be open to receive

It brings you peace and love to conceive

Wake up, wake up the time is now

The energy is stronger right NOW

Ride the train to heaven, it’s coming to Earth

Be aware, wake up it’s your new BIRTH!

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