A Spiritually Healing Story


If you are down depressed and blue

Realize it’s okay and that it’s meant for you

Cry as much as you need

With the realization that if you let it flow out

You will have space inside for love, no doubt!

We are releasing old emotions from our past

Not just this life but our last

So how do you do this you ask?

It’s so simple so try this and see

How this little exercise will spiritually heal thee

Just take deep breaths, 3 to be exact

This will center yourself and help you relax

Keep your spine straight with hands open to receive

Tell yourself over and over “I love myself” as much as you need

When you feel the peace deep within

Then ask your Angels to help you release

It will amaze you how instantly you heal

From the emotions, depression, it’s so unreal!

It’s all you have to do to feel the love

Your days will be wonderful cause you will feel the love energy from above

Do this every day as much as you need

Remember it took years for you to be

It’s healing, it’s refreshing, it’s your time of need

When you love yourself the Law of Attraction will be

Love, abundance and energy

It’s because of your shift that you make it happen

Take time for yourself in nature, flowers, birds and sea

Feel the love it’s in front of your face

This is how it was always meant to be

But just begin to make the changes by spending time alone

By practicing forgiveness and being in the love energy zone

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