We Are Energy, Vibration, and Light


Are you feeling different not sure why?

Does your body react to food it didn’t before?

Bringing you indigestion more and more?

Are you tired thinking of your past

Old relationships coming to mind

Not sure why like you are behind?

If you closed your eyes and asked “Who Am I”

You would see bright light and energy

It is divine

Cause the truth is that is what we are

Bright white light connected to all life

Vibrating on frequencies to all living things

If you focus on your light/love and let it shine

You will raise your vibration and connect to a higher time

Your answers will be heard through messages and feelings

Your world will be amazing and create a great spiritual healing

The mirror reflection of self is not real

I know this seems crazy, off the wall, unreal

Yet you already know the truth of who y0u are

Focus on your light and spread it afar

Then you will feel the love of all

Life will be one big happy ball

We are energy, vibration and light

Shine your light and take flight

The more you shine the higher you go,  you vibrate higher and higher

Connect yourself to the truths of your soul

Connect with others that you already know

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