How Love Spiritually Heals You


Love is pure

Love endures

Love is here

Love is there

Love surrounds us everywhere

It’s not just outside of you

It’s also buried in your heart

If you only new

How powerful love is…

Instead of wars, judgements, and strife

It will heal your whole life

Mother nature has spread her love too

She is here to spiritually heal you

Try it and you will see

The forest and plants are here to spiritually heal thee

If you are down and blue

Ask them to heal your pain

I do this all the time

It is so amazing, the energy so strong

Just be aware and you will see I am not wrong

Give love to others to receive

Love for you and love for me

If we all loved each other naturally

The planet earth would be

Completely healed for you and for me

Love, love, love is all that is necessary

To heal planet earth for you and for me

I feel you in my heart

Deep into my soul

The time is NOW to know

We are all connected to each other

Oneness for allĀ  makes our bodies glow

The time is Now to know

Love is all there is

Nothing else really matters

It’s ours to give

To ourselves and others

This is how we were meant to live!

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