Trust You Guidance To Be Spiritually Healed



Change is all around us it’s true

Some of us are aware of the truth

Others have no clue

They are still asleep as they journey beyond

It can be so confusing it is true

To live in a world where other messages confuse

Some of us are still on the restrictive religious path

So confused and in pain yet they cannot pass

Others still believe that everything will eventually be the same

They don’t see how this world has been totally insane!

Others are on the path yet here different stories not sure what to believe

Follow your heart, stay in your truth, it will never deceive

Trust you intuition, release this is not a dream

That everything will make sense when we truly awaken it seems

Light workers can only be true to themselves

Guide others with emotional issues

To understand the truth

Only if they ask because then they are ready for you!

For now meditate everyday

Consult with your  Angels to guide you each day

Trust, trust, trust, that what you receive

Is real, your path, not make believe

Remember we are all special and unique

What works for me might not be for you

Trust your guidance it is your truth

Trust that it is meant for you!

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