Soon All to be Spiritually Healed With the Light!


More and more light is flooding the planet

Spreading love, joy and peace

Uplifting the souls who are vast asleep

They are peaking through their sorrows

Not really understanding what is taking place

Yet even so somewhere deep inside they are connecting to candy and lace

I have been amazed as I see

People expressing oneness, love, and trusting in a higher power

These are new thoughts bubbling inside

I know they are confused

They no not why

But it doesn’t seem to matter

Cause for me it’s amazing to see

Day by day new people are awakening and soon will also believe

The love that is here

When all that appears

Light will envelope our planet

With newness to see

New light, new love, new land will be

I am being patient as I watch this all unfold

As I now trust completely this new story to be told

Where all the people of the world will be

In love with life, happy and feeling free!!!

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