How can I say this?

How can I be real?

To tell you that it’s important for you to heal

Stop watching CNN, Fox 5 and all the news

Don’t you see it’s a ploy to keep you blue???

Release all fear

It does nothing for you

There is a beautiful world out your door

But your vision blocks it cause you continue to be sore!!!

All you have to do is focus on love

Feel your heart

Stay away from negative energy

You are dancing with the dark!!

If you hear anything which angers you deep inside

Then remember it is not truth, it’s only lies

Some of you have negative thoughts too

Start being against others cause of the news

Remember everyone here is connected to you

Be love, feel love, open your heart through and through

The only person who really is suffering is YOU

Don’t you see???

Why do you give in??

Why do you insist on feeling blue?

Why don’t you want what is right in front of you??

Beauty, love, freedom, it’s true

Release of illness, aging, too

Be positive, look at the deeper meaning

Spend your time gleaming

It’s all you have to do

Feel love, speak your truth

Connect with your heart

Don’t wait until tomorrow

Get ready START!


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