Is This Real or Make-Believe?

spiritual-healers-new earth
spiritual-healers-new earth




Do you want your life to change

Into a fairy tale strange

Where Unicorns frolic naturally

Mermaids and fairies at your feet?

Open your mind and heart center too

Be more aware of what’s really happening around you

You chose to be here at this time

Wake up, wake up

Earth is divine

Only if you choose to remember

You too will see

What’s around the corner is not make-believe

Would you like to not work

Worry about finances, fear the unknown

Be in pain, have diseases, aging too?

You are your own creator

Create how you want your life to be

Through visualization, positive thought

You created that negative scenario you see,

Your life is an illusion

But could be like make-believe

We all have choices to be

Why not choose to love unconditionally?

To open your eyes and be aware

Follow your heart

The dark forces have also created your lair

Stop it now, instantly

Breathe, focus on love

Forget television too

If you stop what you are doing

Wars will end too

Fighting, illness and aging it’s true

Will all disappear

Your have your work cut out for you

It won’t magically appear

This is your choice

Am I making myself clear?

What world do you choose?





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