Wake Up to Be Spiritually Healed


spiritual-healers-sleeping angel
spiritual-healers-sleeping angel



Wake up, wake up from your deep dark sleep

It’s time to awaken and take a real peak

See what is right before your eyes

Leave behind the mask you disguise

You are an angel you chose to be here too

To see the rebirth of this earth through and through

It seems worse then it really is

Wonderland is here, lift your veils

Are you going to let evil prevail???

It is your choice

Always been up to you

Make the decision to wake up to real truth

Love is all there is

No power here exists

Change you thoughts, change your life

To exist in heavenly bliss

It really is that simple

Simple as a kiss

Just let fire burn your fear away

Change your thoughts to make it happen

Each and every day!

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