Follow The Truth of Jesus to Be Spiritually Healed




What is the truth of Religion?

It is originally why Jesus came

To teach us the truth of life

Not what it became

Do you honestly believe God would create

Different beliefs?

That would be insane!

All these belief systems created fear,

Judgement, and some truths mixed with lies

All to line their pockets

Keep you unsatisfied

When money is the game

The powers that be

Really don’t care about you or me

Jesus came here to show us love

How we are all connected to everyone

Even those below, around us and above

That God is our father

Not one to judge!

He came to teach us that heaven is within

Not hell, fire, and damnation

If you sin

To be free to be

Love your neighbor as your friend

Everything in life begins from within

Be childlike again

Frolic and play

Smile and give to others

Each and every day

Follow your heart

It is your guide

You are your own creator

Your answers lie deep inside



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