Open Your Mind to Be Spiritually Healed







The sun is brighter than before

Stronger energy entering on our shores

Altering  us

Creating our new birth

Bringing Heaven to Earth!

Big adjustments are in store

You will be changing forever more

Be aware and don’t be alarmed

Nothing that is created

Causes you any harm

Be open to what you receive

Be open to what you might see

Especially if you live in Earth 3D

You are not going insane

Visions of spirits

Of passed on relatives too

Hearing sounds not familiar to you

Seeing fairies all around

Whatever manifests in your life

Is meant to be found

Not to cause you any strife

It’s to help you unfold to the TRUTH OF LIFE

Awaken to who you really are

Been asleep  thus far

Release your fears

Forgive everyone you know

Starts your energy flow

Focus only on Love

Love yourself first

Love your neighbors

Love your enemies too

Doing this will create

Bliss for you

With free choice you can ignore my plea

But what you do affects everyone,  including me

Do you want to live in ecstasy?

Doing this is the key

Unlocks your illusion

You live in day by day

Still thinking that money is your key for happiness and play?

Sorry but this is not the truth

The world is only about love

It’s your juicy fruit

Love binds us all together

The birds, oceans, nature, and aliens too

Every single thing that surrounds you

All your pain and sorrows

All your worries about tomorrow

Will magically disappear

Breathe, love, and release all of your fears!

Connect to your inner child

Play in the rain, run in the fields

Open your mind to be spiritually healed













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