Spiritually Heal Your Life With Love




Love is a word

That has been misused

It’s not about romance

Or something that creates the blues

Love is what is needed by all of you

Everything on the planet is alive

Everything you see needs love to survive

Nature , all animals, insects too

Everything you can conceive of

Needs love from you

Even your body needs your love

If you want to be healthy and fit as a glove

Love your body too!


Everything we have learned is not real

A plot, a ploy

To keep you in fear

Even now  the news is not real!

Break away from all your fears


Is this becoming more clear??

Then our world will change

Right before your eyes

Releasing this disguise

Releasing the lies

Live in truth

It will be your proof!


Release your beliefs of aging too

Your mind is so powerful

Whatever you believe

You create it for you!

Watch your thoughts

What you say

Be love and live in the moment

Each and every day

Everything is positive

Go out and play

Do this, its easy

Forget what you have learned

Let’s change our world

Live in Heaven

It’s right here

It’s as close as 7-11

When you live in truth

Your veils are removed

Then you too will see

Heaven is right here in front of you!!!!


It’s all about choice……live in love or live in fear










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