Stay Strong in Truth to Stay Spiritually Healed





When you see destruction through
3rd dimensional eyes
You see terror hatred fear and lies
But please remember this
It’s a ploy to keep you in fear
Everything happens for a reason
You don’t know the truths
Behind these lies
These influences are a disguise
To keep you afraid
But there is NOTHING to fear
STAY strong in your convictions
Don’t fall on deaf ears
Must follow your heart
Send love from the start
This is a ploy
To keep you in the dark
Break free from these chains
That trap you in grief
Send healing and love
To the families in need
Release your own anger
Emotions and fear
It’s not needed
It only spreads more negative energy
I’m being sincere
Rise above what you see and hear
All is unfolding it won’t be long
Stay strong
Stay positive be free
Of all of the people who lie and
deceive !!!

I love you♡♡♡♡

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