Be Spiritually Healed and Know We Are ONE

spiritual-healers-new earth
spiritual-healers-new earth

The earth is rearranging itself

But so are you and everyone else!

The stars are aligned

So you won’t be behind

We are all tired of the illusion

The money, the wars, the confusion

The lies, the deceits

That have been happening on constant repeat

You are all awakening too

Seeing things different than you used to

Been tired and taking naps

Depression coming in

This is not a mishap

Reliving old stories you thought you released

This is part of the change

Helping you to rearrange

Your life you once knew

To a new life right in front of you

Not to worry or carry fear

These are the best changes for all to bare

Flow with these feelings, take a nap

Before you know it

Earth will change in a snap

My advise to you

Allow these feelings to flow thru

Love yourself unconditionally too

Love everyone and everything that surrounds you

We are not separate but one

We are all related

We are all God’s daughters and sons

Racial issues are erroneous too

You are fighting and hating your brothers and sisters

This is the TRUTH

We are connected to all of the earth

All the people, all the animals,  nature and the ocean…

This whole universe!

Everything is part of God and so are you!

Forgive your enemies

Forgive yourself

Leave your past on the shelf

Everything you experienced is part of your growth

What is this earth?  Why are we here?

To learn our lessons

To grow and know LOVE

The only energy to think of

This is not the only place to reside

But because of free will

You learn faster than being on the inside

You know this truth

It’s hidden deep within you

Wake up now

Live your life in joy

Collectively we can do this…

Live free, release money,  all your problems and health issues too

Release it all

Live the life we were promised

You will feel 10 feet tall!

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