It’s Time to Face the Music…We Have Been Puppets On a String!


No matter what you think

Or think you see

We are NOT human

That is all make believe

Wake up now you have no other choice

Be brave be a voice

Everything you think is real is an illusion you see

It was a ploy to make you believe

In aging, sickness, germs, and disease

Money for your use to give back to who?

Money is paper made up to trick you

The Presidential election is another joke

They have no control of their promises to you

They are controlled too

If you want to be free of this life you live

It’s really a prison

No freedom is here

America is the biggest lie there is

Not really free

Propaganda for you to believe

Wake up to your truth

Wake up and listen to your heart

Stop worrying about everything you do

Because you create EVERYTHING that happens to you

It was a ploy to keep you locked down

When all they care about is the power they found

If you want this world to be how it really is

Love, harmony, and fantasy

Collectively release all that is

Stop the fights, the diets, the gym

If you love yourself fully

You win!!!!

Stop the cancer research funds

Chemo is poison

Cancer has a cure why are you afraid

Because you all fall into the traps they made

There is a cure you are only paying them more money to splurge

We are taxed triple times

Don’t you see, the schools, the governments have more money then they need

Even Obama care is a pure joke to conceive

Making us pay for medical insurance we don’t receive

If you want this world to change

Then believe you continue to create this disease

You listened and you believed

You have all been puppets on a string

Cut this string and stop the nonsense

Change your ides and your conscious

If you want to be free

Focus on your OWN reality

Everyone that walks this earth is you

Change yourself changes your views


Why not test this theory to see

What I am saying is truths beyond belief

We are vibration and energy

We can create anything we want by our thoughts

But you must believe it so

Keep your vibration high not on the down low

Then you are aligned to what you need

Health , money, jobs, friends

What ever you believe you receive

It goes both ways too

If you believe you are sick

You will be that too

If you believe in germs

Then they will attack you

So put your thoughts in the positive light

Lift you vibrations all and day night

This puts you in alignment to receive

Anything you want, anything you need!




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