Be Spiritually Healed By Changing Your Focus

spiritual-healers-forest beauty
spiritual-healers-forest beauty

Where is the best place to be

When you are down and out not feeling free?

Does this photo bring you love?

Does it help you forget the worries you are currently thinking of?

This is all you need to do

To change from being unhappy to being the true you

Release whatever is bothering you

By focusing  on something new

Change your view to whatever brings you peace

Forget your thoughts


Let go of the pain

By turning your direction to other things

When the time is right

The answers you need will appear

Because you forgot to think of all your fears

It is very simple to do

Listen to music, walk outside

Take a nap, eat a snack

Whatever it takes to bring you to another place

Remember this,

“wherever you attention goes, your energy flows”

We end up feeding the fire

We are trying to avoid

When we redirect our thoughts

We reconnect with joy!


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