Be Spiritually Healed and Know That God Does Not Judge





May I be so bold
An observation I see
Religion promotes separation to me
Not from God
Oh please
God is love
He created you
Gave you the powers
To create whatever you want to
Jesus is our brother
Vibrating on a higher level
A place anyone can achieve
Not that much different
From you and me
He is part of our star family
It’s time to erase
The lies you been told
The ones that create fears
These are not real
I know!
God created everything this is true
But he has nothing to do
With anything that harms you
He does not judge
He does not condemn
He does not create pain within
It saddens me to see
Others constantly blaming HE
Look at the laws
This is what you need to know
The Law of Karma is your show
These issues you created a long time ago
Take responsibility
It’s not what you believe
You created every thing
That’s happened to you
Why don’t you see?
No one gets away
With any wrongs they did
It will come back in another life time
It’s the way it is
Why else would some
Be born whole
While others have problems
They show
Does it make sense
That God would condemn
Some but not all?????
Think about it please
It will help you realize
The lies you breathe
All to control you
Keep you in fear
So you won’t be able to manifest
Is this clear?
The powers that be do not want you free
They don’t want you to know
You can manifest
Everything you need
Do yourself a favor, please
Wake up , wake up
I’m helping you
Live a life of joy
Live Your TRUTH

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