The Law Of One




spiritual-healers-new earth
spiritual-healers-new earth

Our Universe has laws we must follow

Learn them well

These laws govern your life

There is NO HELL

We are all part of the great energy

We call God

Because we are part of him

We are God too!

Before you become confused

Feel this truth

It is buried deep inside of you

We have a purpose to learn and grown

To raise our vibrational energy flow

Open your eyes

This is true

Everything else have been pure lies

Pounded into you

Are you happy?

Are you abundant?

Are you disease free?

You are not because you

Been believing the lies

Keeping you disguised

Our goal is to know

We are ONE with all

Not separate or different

It was all a ploy

To make you fall

To keep you coming back to earth

Over and over again

Living your life in karmic dread

Our goal Is to move the energy forward

Increasing our vibration which intensifies the entire world

We are connected to the collective unconscious

Deep within

We are all part of the great energy God

You see, there is no sin

We can manifest on a whim

This is law, this is truth

Everything else you were taught to believe

Is a lie to keep you diseased

The goal at hand

Has always been a much higher plan

We are vibratory beings

Here to rise

Increase the  vibrations and coincide

To move this energy up high

We do this when we are all harmonious collectively

This you need to know

When you are all disharmonious

You decrease the vibration intensity flow

Because WE ARE ONE

Everything we all say and do

Along with your motive and intent

Affects all of you

Together we are stronger than you know

Let us join together and wake up and see

Our earth turning into heaven

For all to be

Abundant, alive and disease free!

Free of the shackles and chains

That are illusions that were set for the ELITE to gain

But together we Will Rise Above

Then Earth will be only about PURE  UNCONDITIONAL LOVE


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