An Important Message For Us All

You Must Heed To This MESSAGE

I’ve said this before
I’m saying this AGAIN
Its important you see
To head to this message please
I was woken up at 3:am

To let you know
Collectively the time is ripe
To change everything you know
What you all need to do
Is start manifesting
Anything you want to
This will raise your vibration high
What is needed to release the illusion
The lies
First must change your mood
Release your emotions your blues
Start with something small
Which Will change your point of view
Ask for a cloud to pass by
A new flower to see
The phone to ring
A dime in your wine
Something small but weird too
For you to realize
This message is true
We are only light
Must raise our vibration
All day and night
Collectively we can change our flight
Are you sick of being broke
Of rent increases, taxes, the IRS
News of shootings, war, separating us
Keeping you in duress?
Do you want us all to be free
Then its up to be in unison please
Pass this message to all you know
Once everyone believes
You can manifest all your needs

Our world will change before your eyes
Lets do this together
You and I
Its a universal law you see
We really can have what we need
The time is NOW
To part these clouds
This will rid our planet YOU see
Releasing all negativity
Just by knowing you can
Manifest all your needs
Remember in order for you to believe
Start small make it simple please
Then manifest abundance, a place to live
Something bigger
Then forgive
We are one you and I
Lets join together
Part the skies
I’m seeing this
With EAGLE Eyes!


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