Take Responsibility For Yourself to Be Spiritually Healed


Every day I ponder

Why all of you love the drama?

Why you choose fear and stress

Did you know this is what causes your duress?

Why can you not see

You create everything that happens to thee

Can you not be responsible for yourself?

Why do you continue to blame everyone else

One day when you realize

You are the creator of your own life

Only then you can change it you see

To a magical place that is ever lasting

It is so simple to do

Why not look at your life as a movie

Spend time really seeing you

When you are challenged by others

They are showing you your dark side

Not there to hurt you are make you mad

But in truth helping you to see

Who you truly are

The part of you that you don’t want to believe

Stop the blame game

Take responsibility

If you don’t like the drama

Change your views

Find the truths they are everywhere

Even I am always willing to share

It’s in my poetry and the books I write

It is all over the internet

I am here to teach you to have and live a better life!

If you could realize that everyone is you

Playing your role what you need to change about your views

Thank them for coming and challenging you

Learn from it then change yourself


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