What is Real What is Fake?


spiritual-healers-we are one
spiritual-healers-we are one


You live the illusion

Played out by you

Because you have been brainwashed through and through

God does not judge

Our Presidents have no control

Religion is not from God

This I know

If you dig in your heart

Where your truth lies within

You will see how you live so many lies

This is PURE SIN!

We are genius creators

Our truth is love and joy

When you feel emotional

It’s not the true you

It is a big ploy

We are not separate

We are ONE

We are all connected to God energy

One by one

Some of you are awaking to this truth

Let it happen

Release the old you

If you want to live in joy

Be happy and free

Turn off the news, forget your teachings

That were pounded into you

We are only light beings who vibrate on high

But the lies you live have kept you disguised

You do not live in truth so you vibrate very low

You carry pain, emotions and fear

Do you understand me dears?????

Jesus vibrates higher than you

But you can reach his vibration too

He is only your brother

Not someone who died for your sins

Does that make any sense?

It is time for you all to begin again

Follow your heart

Wherever it might lead

Ask for guidance from your angels please

Otherwise this earth will never change

This is why you are here

Do not be here in vain!!!!

Leave the rules, the lies, the news

Forgive everyone even those that caused you the blues

When you forgive everyone you truly forgive you

Because we are one

We need to unite under the sun

Together hand in hand, one by one

If you think this is crazy

It is your choice to  believe

The lies, the deceits

And continue to

Live in war, stress, fear and disease

Because you live the lies

You create it….DO YOU HEAR????

Because collectively you all live in fear

Or  we can bring heaven to earth

Live happy and be free

Of the Chains that have shackled all of you and me!

This is your mission

Wake up and remember this please!

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